Saturday, July 8, 2017

Your Mind Creates Your Reality

I'll be vulnerable and honest here. Lately, I haven't been in a great place mentally. I've been struggling a lot with depression and anxiety. Some of it is hormonal and some of it is due to some pretty significant life changes that have been overwhelming and difficult.

I am a firm believer in the fact that your mind set and your thought habits can really set the stage for the reality that you create. Not to discount chemical imbalances, hormones, etc but I honestly believe there is so much about ourselves and the world that we don't fully understand. 

Does this mean that if I think I am rich that it will just happen? Probably not. Without action, I don't think that we can just create.. at least not for the most part. I believe it takes a certain mindset as well as behaviors to really create what we want.

Unfortunately, the world is generally unhealthy when it comes to mindset. The majority of people are caught up in drama, their ego, or on social media. This is human nature and it's not that anyone is bad.. it's just how the world works and it takes a lot of work to break this existing cycle especially when people aren't even aware they are in it.

Personally, I have a long way to go. I feel like I have been good at creating self awareness but I am still heavily working on following through on my actions and creating healthy habits. So even though I know I may be setting myself up for failure, I am just letting it happen. I watch negative thoughts flow through my mind like an observer but I have yet to be successful at breaking these bad habits. I have been at healthier places in my life in the past but I think this is something that really requires us to be present and aware long term.

So I guess an action I have taken as of last night is to delete facebook off of my phone and to only check it once a week. I am hoping to free up a lot of time to work on things that fulfill me.. one of which is writing. I fully admit that I was addicted to mindlessly scrolling through facebook and getting caught up in everyone's drama, debates and sad stories. It was taking time away from everything in my life and it was a constant distraction. I am hoping to blog a lot more frequently even if I am really just talking to myself. 

Here is to being more present and in the moment. Here is to getting just a little bit better everyday and making progress. Here is to the fact that we really get one shot at life and that tomorrow is not promised to us. 

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